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Welcome to PBGC's e-Filing Portal

You can use PBGC’s e-Filing Portal to submit important information to PBGC including:

  1. 4010 Filings - Annual filings required under section 4010 of ERISA
  2. Reportable Events - Filings required under section 4043 of ERISA (Forms 10, 10-Advance, and 200)
  3. Settlement Requirements - Documents required for Settlement Agreements
  4. Multiemployer Filings - Filings required under certain multiemployer sections of ERISA (Notices of Termination, Insolvency, Insolvency Benefit Level, Combined Insolvency and Insolvency Benefit Level; Actuarial Valuation Information; Withdrawal Liability Information; Applications for Financial Assistance. Please see the attached instructions. Other Filings include Annual Funding Notice and Critical/Endangered Notices.). Please see these instructions for applying for Special Financial Assistance under 29 CFR 4262.

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The e-4010 and e-4043 applications have been updated to reflect the Miscellaneous Corrections, Clarifications, and Improvements regulation published February 4, 2020.

Note to 4010 filers
The updates noted above apply to filings due or submitted on or after April 15, 2020.
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